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Being new to the world of 03 c&r what should I concentrate on getting right away

while the prices are still at what should be there lowest?
For the best buy list I’m thinking I should get a Walther p-1, 1895 Russian Nagant revolver, 91-30 and a 91-30 sniper also not what I think of as c&r but a cz 82 appears to be a really good gun for cheap
still on the fence on the 82 but did get a p-64 so already have 9x18 ammo and its cheap to shoot
the 91-30’s should be cheap for a while but I want a sniper my thinking is there will be less of a supply of them so should get it soon and not wait for some awesome sale and miss the boat or do they just slap a repo scope on an old rifle and call it a sniper?
Think I missed the bottom of the ttc/tt-33 (well all the 7.62x25’s) but think there only going to go up in price and just got my first tokerav (Romanian ttc ) and love it don’t usually get duplicate guns but my wife also likes it so going to get her a polish one and put a compensator on it for her
also ordered a cz-52 so just need to stock up on ammo before it’s all gone
Ammo prices are also important I like shooting old guns not collecting them so shootably is more important to me than matching # I do reload
Did I miss any of the really good deals going on now ?
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