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Update on NM Reciprocity --- MS, OK, NV & SC & Updates.

NM DPS relisted most of the states they had dropped in the last few months. But they didn’t put South Carolina and Kentucky back on their list. Also Louisiana has not added NM back on the list of states those states honor. WV, OH & FL did add NM Back to their lists. As soon as Wyoming sees they are not listed on the NM DPS Page they will drop NM.

July 1, 2012 Mississippi will honor all other states permit/licenses. That is 23 additional states they will honor. Other states will add Mississippi soon after 7/1 because they will now honor theirs. HB 695 was signed by the Governor in May.

On July 1, 2012 Nevada will add South Carolina to the list of states it honors. Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association voted to add SC and this year and voted not to drop any of the other states they honor. Let’s hope this trend continues.

OK Governor signed SB1785
That will allow Residents from nonpermitting carry states to carry in Oklahoma. The new law goes into effect in November. Looks like it will cover residents of Arizona, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming as these states allow permitless carry. They must carry their state issued Drivers License or State ID to show they are a resident of a permitless carry state.. I am hoping the Oklahoma OSBI lists those states whose residents will be able to carry on just their state ID. has been updated to show the changes mentioned above that are in effect at this time. Others will be added when they become law. I also what to “Thank” everyone for the kind words you have had for in the past. I believe has the most accurate and up to date information on carrying firearms on the web. Yes I do work at it but it is the people who send me information and give me heads up on changes that make it what it is today. I could never do this by myself. Without assistance from people just like you would not be what it is today. Again “Thank You” for all your assistance over the years. I hope you continue to assist us as your input has proven invaluable.
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