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You guys are right that it's in negotiations and the shooter is no longer 'actively shooting.' However, negotiations with a barricaded shooter may happen after he's already been shooting, or before he decides too. Whether or not he has fired, is besides the point. If your life or others are on the line, you still need to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Theres another video of them moving back possibly letting the shooter out. There approach was a bit better, as they kept each other covered as they moved back. The only thing I would suggest is if they are on the stairs to use the stairs as possible cover for when he does come out. Maybe this would scare the shooter, but I don't know much about the psycology of all that...I would also imagine he has body armor of sorts on. Squaring up to the shooter may be a better idea, but I don't know the level of body armor so thats just a guess. Does anyone have an opinion on telling the shooter how many officers are out there? Military training tells me to not let the true numbers of your force be known, however I realize that a shooter/hostage situation in a school is a completely different situation.

I do however agree that it's good to see them practicing. In the second video there is a team behind them with clipboards, so hopefully the feedback is being provided to them and they can continue to build upon them. I didn't post this up to bash the LEO's. I think it's great what they are doing and maybe this is something that others on here may build upon as well.


Heres some more videos.
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