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Good point about AGA and AGI. AGA publishes American Gunsmith magazine which I subscribe to. When some issues didn't arrive because of an address change, I called AGI by mistake. That's when I learned the difference. .

BTW, AGA got me the back issues that I missed.

AGI may have been started by my former instructor at Lassen College, Bob Dunlap. Their very first videos were by him. AGI used to advertise in AGA and they had a picture of Bob examining a handgun. The trouble was that when they printer punched out the holes for the magazine, they punched out where his eyes were! It took a while before the ad was reformatted such that Bob kept his eyes. I bet he made a stink about that but it was the ad designer's fault in not working with the printer. I don't fault Bob at all and he is very skilled.
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