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I ask that question due to the fact I am a new reloader and wanted to see what every one else uses as a common powder in there diffrent loadings, and I use the Lee reloading Manual second edition and the Lyman 49th, I have used Titegroup for all my loads also in 45ACP, 40 S&W and 357, and it worked well and was economical but what I didn't like about Titegroup was it was hard to see in the case and being new to reloading I allways check the powder in the case just to make sure there are no double loads or a missed charge that would result in a squib.

I bought bought some HP-38 that works very well in my 45ACP and I may continue to use that for the 45ACP.

But when I was going through all my manuals looking for a common powder that would work well I bought and tryed A#5, and I really like it. I can see it in the casings easly it gives me good preformance for my lead bullets.

And where I live A#5 can be bought for $21.00 a pound versus Titegroup at 25.00 a pound.

This has been a very informative thread for me great answers and lots of ideas.
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