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There are no more pronghorn left in Wyoming. They all, every last one of them, winter killed this year.

Sorry, just had to get the out-of-stater's a bit worked up!

The biggest problem I see with antelope hunters is that they do not remove the hide from their kill. It is well known in Wyoming that the hair from an antelope will spoil the taste as fast as anything. Also, most antelope are killed durring September, a very warm time in Wyoming. If you want your meat to spoil, leave the hide on the animal for the whole day! I would suggest, and do it myself, that antelope hunters take along a large cooler and several ice blocks. Skin and quarter your antelope at the kill site and place the meat in the cooler with the ice. You can then spend the rest of the day without worrying about your goat soiling!

Another problem that happens with antelope huntng is that hunters are to anxious to kill the first buck they see. I reccomend waiting and looking the area over. See whats out there. If the one you saw opening morning turns out to be the best one, go back and hunt him. He will be in the same area, as long as someone else has not found him also!

Finally, Kraigwy is correct, don't over estimate the distance. Where antelope live, you can see forever. The inclination is that anything out here is further away than it really is! If you have a good buck in your sights and you can see his horns without binos or a rifle scope, he is close enough. Watch the wind and hold on hair for the first shot. If you miss and are lucky enough for a second shot, you should get him! Don't chase after one that is spooked, you won't catch him.

But always, track down and finish a wounded animal. A wounded pronghorn can run for miles, so make sure you hit them good. Nothing can ruin a hunt faster than chasing a three legged goat for two days.

Oh yeah, hunt Arizona,they have way better antelope!
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