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CC holster help, complicated issue

After exhaustively researching the best way to make a HD gun quickly accessible yet secure from our curious three year old, we decided to carry it with us at all times. My wife wants to get a secure holster for our XD 9, that will keep the gun very secure even if our three year old climbs on us. We are running into an issue because she has an ostomy. She is 31, thin, and now in perfect health except the ostomy. Because of the way the ostomy bag has to function, she can't wear anything tight around her waist. A shoulder holster prints too easily on her, because she is small. What else is left that would be very secure for her to carry with a three year old. The best we could do so far is a belly band with retention strap worn high and slightly to the side. I'm not sure if this keeps the gun secure enough for her to wear around our child, since it is nylon, and not a proper rigid holster. As of now I'm not allowing her to carry since I feel the risks to our three year old outweigh the benefit of her carrying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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