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Jim, not long ago, BATF reversed (illogically, as I stated) their ruling and stated that the shoulder stock must be an original issue stock and not a clone or replica. (At least that's how I understand it.)

In other words, your Mauser Broomhandle was fine if it had an original German manufactured stock, but NOT legal with a Chinese replica. Ditto for Luger replica shoulder stocks, and replica Chinese Inglis Hi-Power shoulder stocks.

Also, to further compound the confusion, a Canadian Inglis shoulder stock would NOT be legal on a Belgian Hi-Power and vice versa, even though they are both "original" stocks and fit either gun. Likewise, a Naval Luger stock cannot be used on an Artillery, etc., etc.

As an editorial rant, I still cannot fathom how an agency that was originally created to enforce taxation regs got to be such a high powered law enforcement agency, given their utter incompetence.

It's really a pity that complacency more or less defines the American public; It seems that, if enough people made a stink and threatened the "jobs" of their elected "representatives," BATF could cease to exist altogether, or at least be relegated to their original purpose, i.e. to collect taxes.

I guess one can always dream...

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