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It was a 30 cal (so 30 luger) but I switched it to 7.62 been reading too many mauser posts and have been getting some 7.62x25’s so just switched it newbe mistake
Everything goes real high here if it would have been shootable I would have snatched it up and thought I got the deal of the century from what I have seen them priced at around here but knew enough that it was a bad deal by the time I got it working I read a few really old posts about rebarelling them
but prices can change fast
So think I have a much better idea of what would be an ok deal now
So a decent shooter grade under $600 and with a bad barrel or .22 remake $200-$300 original .22 good cond $300 -$400 but would probably only get one myself if it was closer to $300
$400 is just too close to the price of a real shooter for me
I just need to be patient and hope I have the money when I run across deal
prices seem to be pretty stable on them
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