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Thompson center rust issues

Is anyone out there having the same or similar issues with rust in the receiver of the Thompson Center Venture? I had recently purchased one and took it to the range to sight in the scope (very accurate rifle). After I got it home I put some patches through it to clean out the residue of the 30 rounds I put through it. Thats when I noticed discoloration in the receiver. the lighting in the room was bad so I put a flashlight on it and the attached photo is what I saw. I contacted T/C and went through a bunch of hoops to get it sent back to them (not real happy with their customer service dept.). Finally I got a call that they would honor the warranty and replace the receiver (Awesome). A week later I get the rifle with the new receiver, upon immediate inspection- same issue!? Really? Is this kind of surface rust supposed to be normal in all their brand new rifles or something? They replaced one rusty receiver with another one?
Anyone have any ideas on how to handle/deal with this issue? I'm not rich and had to save for awhile before purchasing this rifle which I did based on a ton of reviews I read all over the internet. All of them said it was a quality firearm and suggested it was underpriced. I checked them out at shops and compared the feel and weight against several other rifles and this really seemed to shoulder the best and I like the lightweight aspect. But Im regretting this purchase at this point.
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