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Active school shooter *drill* video

A guy on a jeep forum was talking about how his county was going to do a drill for an active shooter in a school. He found a video from it and posted it up.

I'm not LEO, so I do not know their procedures. However, it seems like this could use some pretty heavy tweaking. For example, putting your muzzle up past a door that swings towards you is probably a bad idea. Maybe he was trying to get a visual through the window, but a bit more standoff IMO would of been more beneficial to his own safety. If the door swung the other way, I wouldnt see as much of a problem with this. Two: What are the other two doing on the opposite side. Maybe they are 'gaffing' this off, but their weapons are nowhere near the ready. Interlocking fields of fire are not just for a battlefield.. It would not be hard for a second shooter (if your told there is one, plan for two, if theres two plan for three) to swing that door open, taking out the negotiator AND putting his muzzle towards the two LEO's on the left, while number one shooter opens up. Sure, the other LEO's could start shooting, but this is in a school and that is probably not a good place to be shooting through doors at targets you probably cannot see.

Maybe it's the internet commando in me, but I am curious to see what others think.
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