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As sportsmen and hunters we only kill what we have tags for or what is allowed for us to kill during the specified season and that we have licenses for. We have a bag limit and a possession limit and we obey those limits. We also don't kill random song birds, protected species and anything else unfortunate enough to cross our path.

Feral cats on the other hand have no concern for tags, seasons, bag limits etc. They don't give a darned if a bird is a song bird, game bird or freaking protected species. They just kill it. Seen plenty of them stalk and kill then leave the carcass lay because they just saw the prey. That was really what proved to me they should be destroyed on sight.
Not a cat fanatic, but whoah! I think you need to reread your post. You do realize you just compared cats (instinctive predatory animals) to humans (usually intelligent, intellectually evolved, morality-aware, ape-like creatures)? And formulated a judgement from that comparison?

There's hunting for sport - which would be most of us here - then there's just killing every darned thing you come across that you can kill because you feel like it - which is every feral cat out there.
Yes, and you just described animal or cat "sport." Lots of other animals do it, such as Killer Whales. Surprise, surprise.

But hey, I have no issue with anyone dealing with feral or nuisance animals. I do however take issue with your logic. And heres why; it's the same logic certain extreme environmentalists use against us (humans) about how we kill animals for sport and rape the planet for our own benefit. Like you, they say that we (humans), should be exterminated and balance restored.

Again, I have no problem with feral cat elimination, just please don't use arguments the bunny-cuddlers can beat you over the head with..

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