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Nuisance animal hunting can be touchy and has different set of standards than game hunting. I go about hunting them based on the threat the animal poses, amount of damage and whether or not they are native.

1. Pigs, all pigs will die on sight within the confines of a safe, responsible matter the final disposition of the meat.

2. Raccoons, will be shot or trapped if a number of occurrences dead chickens, damaged food stores,ect.....raccoons that stay in raccoon land and do raccoon activities, will not be actively hunted.
A. Skunks will usually be dealt with but not always.
B. Possums and others as needed.

3. Coyotes, usually hunted for fun. Most are not particularly harmful.....however, some are, I do not seek coyotes that do not reside in the immediate vicinity, but nothing is 100% when it comes to coyotes. Coyotes can be a challenge, so, I consider them to have a sporting chance.
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