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Wow MLeake, my post wasn't about instructor perfection either. I have no idea where you got the notion that it was or that I was challenging your post in some manner by posting an example supportive of what you said. After all, my post was about standardization. Had he followed guidelines set by the NRA who has certified him as an instructor, there would not have been ammo in the classroom.

Of course, there would be no such incidents and certainly none with injuries if folks follows basic safety rules. The issue of being NRA certified would not be relevant at all of folks followed the safety rules.

it was about standardization. Had he followed guidelines, there would not have been ammo in the classroom.
Nobody has suggested otherwise.

However, a point that you obviously missed is that by being an NRA certified instructor does not mean he follows the guidelines. There is no magical protection that comes with being NRA certified. He violated the safety rules. He violated the NRA guidelines for instruction.
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