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Originally Posted by joehonrer
Miami JBT.........Very nice. You have an outstanding collection......Joe
Thanks.... that's just the "Assault" Rifles. That's not counting my M1 Garands, Mausers, Enfield, S&Ws, GLOCKs, etc....

Originally Posted by jjyergler
Apparently, he has so many guns, he can't afford a bedframe.
Why have a bedframe when I can have these....

NOT MY PICTURE but my new build will look just like it

I'm currently building another AR-15 except it's a surplussed USAF Slick Side upper that will go on a CORE-15 A2 lower. The original USAF stock is going on the rifle. So it will have the triangle handguards. A1 pistol grip, and A1 length buttstock.

I also acquired a Century Arms C93 Sporter and a IMBEL FAL (Century imported IMBEL receiver built with a IMBEL parts' kit).

Originally Posted by Miami_JBT
Originally Posted by JeffSSig

Shoots the FN 5.7 round
Holds 50 rounds. The mag is across the top

I see your AR57 and raise your bet with my SBR FN PS90

U.S. Marine Corps: Pirates hate us more than Ninjas

It's like having a glass window with a label saying "Caution: do not wipe with a hammer"
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