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Your '17 Enfield has an internal magazine that holds 6 rounds of 30-06. You can load it with stripper clips or manually one at a time. The '17 Enfield is one of the strongest bolt action military rifles ever made. They are known for their accuracy, durability and for being a bit heavy. They were a popular rifle for sporterizing years back. They can be made into a very nice sporting rifle for about the same amount of money that a good new sporting rifle would cost but the new one would require no labor of love.
Replacement triggers are available from Brownells made by Dayton Traister and Timney. You can change the cock on closing to cock on opening with other parts from Dayton Traister. New wood of sporting design is readily available from many companys. Optics are an option, using Remington model 30 mounts, if the ears have been removed and the rear of the receiver has been rounded.
The photo is of my '17 Enfield. With its original barrel, it shoots 1 1/8" groups with boring reliablity. It took me about a year to build it from a rifle that had been modified like yours by a previous owner.

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