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I agree with the previous sentiments.

A 75 rd drum is awfully heavy. You may not think it is but once you've lugged it on yourself for a mile or two you'll be thinking about throwing it away. The other thing is going into the woods with an AK type rifle is already going to spook people if they happen to come by you. Adding the 75rd drum and people are going to be calling the ranger. Add a suppressor to that setup and you've just crossed into potential poacher territory. That is not a mess I'd want to be knee deep in.

Personally I'd just load up a large bore revolver like a .357mag, .41mag or .44mag with whatever load you think you'll need, throw a handful of rounds in a pocket (or better yet have'em in quick loaders) and go camping/hiking/biking etc. If I have to use the gun because a bear is bearing down on me or because a 2-legged predator is attacking me I'm not going to be concerned at all with the loudness of the gun - in fact I WANT the loud report. If there's LEO within earshot I want them to come running... I might need the backup.

So yeah - AK with 75rd drum and a suppressor... not what I'd call an ideal load out for just camping/hiking/biking. I mean seriously are you planning on going to war?
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