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IMO,not being patient and moving around.Most of my pronghorn hunting has been on a private ranch.We just plain do not drive a vehicle on the ranch during the hunt.Even walking can run the herds off of 4 sections.I use low ground to travel.Stay off high ground.Don't skyline.

They will find low ground to disapear in.

Don't flash.Shiny guns,chrome anything,eyeglasses,etc.

If you do not use a laser rangefinder,learn to use a reticle feature in your scope,such as a duplex,as a ballpark range estimation tool.

It is the same principle of range estimation the mil-dot reticle is used for.

I am suggesting you know what your duplex looks like on an antelope at 300 yds. That tells you a lot.

Field strip them without spilling a bladder full of urine into the body cavity.The tenderloins will be much better.

Get the hide off,get them cold.I have my home fridge empty and ready.I drive home from the ranch on kill day,put quarters in the fridge,go back to ranch for big sky,beer,buddies,etc.

A common error,holding a touch high 'just cuz" when its unnecessary.The back straps are the best cut on the critter,chops butter fry to something really good.Unless you blow them to smithereens with a 2800 fps bullet.

Oh,sitting is a real useful position.Thing is,my hand,and my butt have been good at finding those prickly pear cactus with the long white fangs.

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