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Yep looks like they want the US to become like the UK where the only legal thing to do is cower and allow yourself to be beaten/stabbed/rapped (but probably not shot because most guns are illegal) while hoping that the police show up in time to save your butt.

I won't use any "alienating" language but this is about a battle of ideals, Don't fool yourselves for a moment into thinking otherwise. This is something that transcends all party affiliations, geographical locations, races, religions or sexual orientations.

One side views things like self defense as counter to the collective good and insist on promoting ideas with collective/government only solutions. They want you to "need" the Government at some level to provide a solution, to encourage you to seek out some level of Government to solve your problems. This is America and its your right to want that, to vote for that and to support that.

The other side is all about individualism, individual responsibility and thus the right to not ask permission before defending yourself from an attacker. It is about the frontier spirit where you are responsible for your own well-being and prosperity. Again, it is your given right to believe in it, vote for it and support it.

That's why America is a great Nation, we the average people still have an incredible amount of personal choice in how we live our lives. In most states you have the right to choose to own and carry a firearm for self defense, or to not do so if you wish. In an increasing number of states you have the right to not retreat when faced with a serious physical threat, or you have the right to do so anyways. These laws simply give you the choice.

Thankfully I don't see this passing in the House OR the Senate, too many people on both sides of the isle come from areas where voting on a bill detrimental to your right to self defense is political suicide.

I seem to remember something along the lines of "no taxation without representation" from history class, but it's been a while.
That pesky 200 year old document and what it stands for standing in the way of collective progress I tell you! I am sure someone will vote on a bill to "Fix" that soon....
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