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Of the three, the Remington is the first choice, the Remington does not have the hole on top of the rear sight bridge, I am building two bench rest type and thought about purchasing another receiver, found an Eddystone receiver for $80.00, I decided on using a Remington and Winchester I have already paid for.

I purchased a Remington M1917 for $120.00 plus shipping, I purchased it for parts, but, on the outside chance the rifle advertised as the ugliest rifle ever built shoot better than it looked I took it to the range with 12 different loads of 5 rounds each, there was nothing I could do to improve on accuracy. I applied the ‘leaver policy’. When the rifle shoots accurately I leaver the way I founder.

I purchased a few P14 DP 303 rifles, one of them is now a 308 Norma Mag, the other is a 30/06. At the time the DP rifles cost $50.00. (DP: parade and drill, The British drilled a 5/16” hole through the barrel chamber and? then shipped them back to us).

I do not get locked up on the building of a rifle when using a surplus receiver, I do not get into the ‘putting someone on a guilt’ trip for their choice of receivers, when they built the rifle the receiver was theirs to build or apply the ‘leaver policy’.

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