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Spent am for packet cartridge. It is not cheap prank 100pcs. in 26 Euro.
Cartridge are they from copper and some firing pin non firing, but only thrust in more deeply in the breech. From 100pcs. fired 60pcs.. Produce am new longer firing pin and fired every piece.
Accuracy in target on 10m out of hand in 2,5cm = 1". In the yard am cock-shot lid from PET bottles.
Shot be merely sound primer cap. Cartridge does not contain powder, only primer cap - boxer.
Cartridge be developed in the year 1921 in the Germany pro miniature shooting indoor on short distance.
Cartridge was he used and for training purposes Deutsch army between by both wars. In right now oneself always makes.
As acute version be merely on firearms certificate, this revolver I have got to earlier in collections how rarity, because is for free from 18 years old.
Want buy SAA original by the year production 1890, the is in our place too for free.
I am sorry for grammar, I write over PC Translator.
Starr SA 1863 .44 org.,Whitney Navy .36 org.,Colt Lightning .44-40 org., Bozard & Co. Hammerless 12ga org.,Colt,GEW 88,Tryon .45 DP,Sharps Carbine and Sporting .45 IAB,D.H.Hilliard .40,Barlow .40,Cub Dixie DeLux .32 DP,Colt 1861 Special Musket .58,Undehammer Billinghurst .40 &.451,Gallager .54,Hatfield .32 Carb.& Long DP,Shotgun Coach 12ga.DP, Tingle Pallmetto.36
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