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my camera does not want to focus on the super fine details but I will describe it as best I can.
the bolt is a Remington turn down bolt and since the reciever is drilled with the rear sight removed I am almost wondering if this rifle was actually an A4. the magazine well/trigger guard does not have the semi circle so I guess that means that this is a remington part as well.

upon removal of the butt plate there is a P a T and a K in random spots(I don't know what those mean). just forward of the floor plate there are 3 cartouches. the one on the left is a triangle but it's right on the wood grain so I can't tell if there's anything inside it. just to the right of that one is a circle with a 7 inside and right below that is a diamond with a 1 inside.

here's some pics of the bolt, receiver and missing bayonet lug.

ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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