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I think I'm gonna try those 34 grainers. They are plenty cheap and if I can get them to shoot nice groups in my Hawkeye (1 in 9 twist, as I mentioned), I'll buy a big box of em and be set up for a while. I'm basing that choice on per-bullet expense, but it they don't work out to suit me I'll go next to the Varmint Grenades. And I already have those Nosler 40 grainers. Sounds like a plan. And I'll try them first over some AA2230 I have and then maybe the H335.

And you know I'll have to try those 34 grainers out in my 220. Gotta do it. I wonder if they'll hold together at 4300+ fps?

And people ask why we reload....well, ya just can't have fun like this buying boring old factory ammo.

I'll dedicate the first vaporized skunk to you guys....and Note To Self...shoot the skunk DOWNWIND of the house this time.
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