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I was working with a licensed FFL that wanted to make AR lowers from billet 7075. I have the capability but after more inspection on my part I just cant see the market. He is telling me that he has market for pretty good volume, but I see lowers available all over for as low as $80. In that case its not worth my time. A lower is fairly complex to program and machine. My current customers (laboratory, food, water, etc...) will pay much more for far less difficult to machine parts.
I will however be offering some odds and ends in the near future. First product will be sights for the Neos. I may get into a better trigger for the Neos but I will be looking into FFL info first. I have a well established profitable business that I would never risk. I dont think there is any ill effects from making a sight, fire control such as a trigger assembly may be an issue. Not only legally but possibly with my insurance company. Insurance is very spooked over anything firearm related.
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