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The same goes for my Lyman Big Dipper. I can use all but about the last 1.5 lbs of alloy. Again, I pick it up and dump it, if I need to empty it. (I really wish I could afford to pick up a few more furnaces to for dedicated alloys.)
That's what I really wanted to know. It's that last bit at the bottom that my doggone dipper can't get to.

So my shopping list is set. A ladle and a slotted spoon.

Thanks, fellers!
You actually want to LEAVE that last bit of lead in the bottom of the pot. I speeds up the next melt of whatever you're smelting by making a hot contact layer of already melted lead. Or, on start-up from cold, it gives the pot something in tight contact with the cold WW to hasten the melting process.

Just be darn careful that the stuff you're adding to that melted lead is DRY! Submerging wet stuff in melted lead is a sure way to see the tinsel fairy!
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