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I'd recommend going to a few matches and seeing what other people are shooting before you buy. Get advise from the more experience guys you shoot with.

When I started 22s were either Smith 41's or High Standards ( I use a HS Victor). Now you see a lot of Rugers. The quality of the Ruger 22s have really came up the last 30 years or so. A lot less money then a Model 41 Smith.

Before you get carried away on a 45, check out the CMP Rules for Service Pistols, you will eventually want to start working on your Dist. Pistol Badge. Not all 1911s are legal.

Don't go to a third pistol (center fire) use your 45 in the center fire event. Remember you're going to want to shoot EIC matches (to get your Dist Pistol Badge) so do most of your shooting with the service pistol.

The same thing goes for sights, stick to the service pistol iron sights, stay away from red dots and such until you get your DP badge.
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