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Ave of escape, media....

I agree with the last few posts. If your employment causes you to come into direct contact with violent groups or confrontations: EMTs, media, firefighters, unarmed security, etc then you should avoid the scene or relocate to a safe distance.
You shouldn't take risks or put yourself into places where you might get hurt.
The legal or civil issues in these incidents can lead to a lot of problems.
I'd also state that any sworn LE officers who respond will question your motives or actions if you used force(weapons) on a group of people. I've seen many, many altercations where LE officers only listened to the "crowd" or bystanders who may or may not be honest.
In my metro area, a plainclothes LE officer was shot & killed by a bike patrol officer from another large police department during a college sporting event.
The young cop had no other weapons but his issued sidearm. He got into a struggle with several intoxicated college students and drew his Glock pistol.
A bike patrol officer saw the plainclothes police officer & shot him.
The bike officer was cleared of any wrong-doing & the young police officer's widow lost her wrongful death lawsuit against the large city.

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