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Getting into Bullseye, need recommendations, suggestions, and personal experiences

Hi all,

so I am thoroughly convinced that I want to get into Bullseye shooting.

I've read through numerous articles, threads, and even this:

I also watched a few people shoot it "Gallery" style.

So now I have to "invest" in the equipment.

I am pretty settled on the 45, I'll get a Les Baer with 1.5" guarantee and have my pistolsmith give it a good action job.

But I am uncertain about what to get for the .22. What is considered acceptable accuracy for the .22 pistol? I know for the 45 it has to be < 2.5". The Marvel Conversion claims < 1.8" with most commercial ammunition, is that an acceptable standard for Bullseye?

What do you guys suggest/recommend? And what are some useful experiences that you guys can share with me?

Let me know. And thanks in advance.
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