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C0untZer0 - That's correct. Wrestling a camera away from a photographer is pretty hard if they have the strap across their body. Another commenter on that article mentioned cutting the strap to snatch it.

This is a common technique used by southeast Asian moped thieves (this is a real thing as well in the Philippines, Vietman, Malaysia, etc). They slowly roll up to you, and the passenger will slice the strap of a camera or purse and then they take off without ever stopping.

A lot of pros, including me, sew guitar strings into the straps of their cameras and bags. Just one string dramatically increases the resistance to cutting. Other wire works, too, but for some reason, the braided nature of guitar strings seems to work best.

Basically, unless you're will to seriously injure me, you're not just going to take my gear. That's not to say I wouldn't give it up if threatened.
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