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Suppressor for camping guns

I recently went camping on the Cranberry and want to return as soon as I get the chance. My plan is to camp past the gates where no motorized vehicles are allowed to go. I could be a few miles in the woods. Theres always the possibility of animals giving me problems or even people. My first thought was my 597, but I don't feel comfortable trusting my life with it. Then I wondered what's my toughest gun, then it dawned on me. My Draco. But I quickly remembered it's deafening. It's the loudest gun I've ever shot. It's crazy loud. So I'm considering a supressor. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions? I have a 75 round drum, so after camp would be set up, I'd use it instead of a 30 round mag. In all honesty, I'd probably just camp 1-2 miles out. But I do plan to ride a bike to the end, which is 16 miles to the last shelter. I have many guns, but I think this is the best option.
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