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Ruger mini-14 .5" groups IMR 8208 XBR


This is a followup to an earlier post. I have been experimenting with using IMR 8208 for the mini-14. I am getting 1/2 inch five shot groups (average .53 measured center to center) with 22 grains IMR 8208 XBR and sierra 63 gr bullets. My mini-14 has a 1-9 twist rate (as per the Ruger help line). I have tried to use 55 and 69 grain bullets as well but the groups were an inch to an inch and a half with this powder.

If you are looking for a good load for your 1-9 mini-14, I strongly suggest you try this powder/bullet combo.

P.S. I also use an accu strut on my Mini-14
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