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remington 1903A3, great find...I hope

hello all. I spent my day sifting through huge amounts of gun parts at a friends house and left with a mostly intact Remington 1903A3 for $150. the bolt, barrel and receiver are all Remington with the trigger guard being the only questionable part. it has the S style stock without grasping grooves so I'm fairly certain the stock was never part of the rifle but upper and lower halves match at least so it comes together nicely. the serial dates to 1942 and the barrel is marked 8-44. it is still missing the floorplate and follower as well as front stock ring and rear sights. does anyone know where I could find these parts(all preferably remington stamped) right now the guns is pretty bad with a great deal of rust on the trigger guard and grime all around so I plan on taking pics after she's all cleaned up.

also just out of curiosity I was wondering what it might be worth when I'm done?
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