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Silver lining.

Things were starting to look pretty discouraging. Between the "Mexican minute" (why do now what you can put off 'till tomorrow) attempts to pin down the fine print, the lack of concrete information from the BATF regarding the myriad of legalities defining "importer / wholesaler / supplier / retailer" ad nauseum, and it appeared that the project would go down in flames.

In a last ditch effort to keep the project afloat we wrote off months of work and passed the torch off to, none other than, "The Old Western Scrounger" (OWS); now located in West Va. If you recall, the original OWS located in Montague Ca. was the original source for reproduction 1903 ammo. They contracted with Tecnos / Aguila to have the stamping dies created and the original run of the repro ammo made.

We notified OWS of our frustration in dealing with the factory, domestic distributor and the BATF. We received the following from OWS a short time ago. "Yes, the ammunition will be manufactured for us by Aguila later this year."

And so, email them, call them, write them, but most importantly, support them and buy a box or a brick!

Here's their contact link:

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