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I was just curious, the 2 states that I usually hunt (NC/VA) in do not even require a permit for hunting on your own land.
But you do still have to conform to all of the particular game laws as they still apply to you.

You are right in that the guides should know the regulations,
Much as in the police should know thew law?

Parallel is the same, seems the results are as well.
Not exactly. Requirements for being a guide in Alaska do not stipulate knowledge of the law. Guides are not tested over it and are not involved with enforcing the law like peace officers.

I do agree that the guides should know the law. Hunters should know the law as well. Like Ted Nugent...

"even the resident judge at my hearing were unaware of such an unprecedented regulation."

Ted said this in his interview.
Is it ever his fault for not knowing the laws? It seems he keeps getting busted for them, but tries to pass off blame elsewhere for his laziness in being familiar with the hunting laws of the land where he is hunting.

As for the judge not being familiar with the law, this is commonplace for technical aspects of many charges. Generally speaking, judges stay sharp on the laws that are commonly broken. They do not remain 100% of all laws all the time and that is why they have reference law libraries (and now online sources). That a law isn't familiar to the judge makes it no less of a law.
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