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Advice Colt Python

I ow n a 6" Colt Python made in 1969. The gun is beautiful,except for some rust(or pitting) on the muzzle crown( 30% ). Also on the barrel maybe 25% of the circumference of the barrel , scattered , about, 3/16 back from the muzzle . Over the years,as I rubbed at the areas ,i wore the beautiful blue off slightly. I just couldn`t see leaving small spots of pitting on the barrel however minor .It looks like s--t on a white chicken to me! I have no idea how it got there . Do I just leave it alone,does anyone do spot bluing ? Do i send it back to Colt for a re blue? As I wrote before, aside from this, the gun is mint, with box & papers. I just thought i`d get some opinions , & advice. Thanks, charlie
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