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As an aside, here in the West there are thousands of acres of public land. back in the 60s, I think, there was a movement named the Sagebrush Rebellion which sought to have the Federal lands given to the states. It had a lot of supporters, but it then dawned on many ranchers and hunters that the small ranchers could not afford the land that the states would sell to the highest bidder, and the hunters would no longer have access to those lands.

Every now and then it raises its head, but consider the states where there is little federal land, and the problems on having a place to hunt or for recreation.
In NM the state owned lands are not open to recreation except for hunters when the Game Commission leases the hunting rights during the hunting seasons. Otherwise the lessee controls access to the land.

Accordingly, if we want continued hunting and recreational access to land we must prevent it being taken out of Federal control
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