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I need an explosive 223 bullet

For the most part, my 223 has become my ranch 'front door' gun for pest elimination around the house. Maximum range would be about 150 yards or so. For the bigger critters in the back pastures, I've moved away from the 223 and the 220 and over to the 260, so I can now downsize from the 65 grainers I've been using in the 223. For safety reasons, I want a small bullet that will fragment totally even with the little critters (skunk, dillo, etc). I already have some Nosler Ballistic Tip 40 grainers, and that might be just the bullet, but it can't hurt to ask you guys what fragile and explosive little 223 bullets you've had luck with.

The rifle twist is 1 in 9, just in case that matters to your recommendation.
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