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Just my 2 cents

Now I may be in the wrong, but my Mrs. works with a cat adoption place and I just couldnt kill a cat, but our cat also came back when called, just like our dog. The only feral animal I have **** was a rabid dog. I didnt like it, but it was either that or let it roam and bite/kill/infect other animals.
Now that said, I am not a PETA freak (to me PETA means people eating tasty animals) and I do hunt pests, I just like cats. But I live in the city limits where cats arent much of a problem. I hunt coyotes and can't stand to let one live if I have a firearm handy, I just have a soft spot for cats.
But to each their own and Brent, if they affect your wildlife, then put em down.
PS-I second that you tell a great hunting story
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