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The 24/47 and M48 have the same short receiver, so the same concerns about parts and accessories.

FWIW, after Yugoslavia became a country following WWI, they ordered Model 1924 rifles from FN in Belgium. The FN action was licensed by Mauser, but is based on a slightly earlier design than what we consider the "standard" M1898 Mauser (German 98, Czech VZ-24, etc.). So the FN Model 1924 has a short receiver and a little different breeching system. Yugoslavia bought both rifles and the machinery and tooling to make them, and manufactured their Model 1924 in several variations. Those rifles are marked in Cyrillic and have Model 1924 and the royal crest on the receiver ring.

After WWII, the Yugoslavs rehabbed the old 1924 rifles, calling them the 24/47, and in 1948 began production of new rifles, the M48. Model 1924 receiver rings were cleaned and the new Yugoslav marking, the flame and the date 1943 (when Tito founded his government) put on. The same marking went on the new M48 rifles and some dealers have used the date to claim that M48 rifles are "wartime", "historic", "made by the Germans", etc.

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