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1st off, I agree with you Mike!
Clamped in, "what are you talking about?" We where talking about the barrels on the pistol! He cant get them to unscrew from the breach. So to make your test accurate, you would need a similar set-up! If your test is for a flat peice of steel, then go get a cast iron pan, read the directions on how to cure it, they will tell you to heat the pan, so the pours open up, then treat with oil!
The pistol barrels are not flat, and one end is screwwed into a thicker peice of steel! Thus the reaction would be different! Plus, my anology was for cracks, not pours! On a round tube, such as a barrel, with one end clamped ( or screwwed into a breach) heat would close the crack, not open it!
Thus my anology of welding the engine block, heat would cuase the edges of the crack to EXPAND, thus closing the crack,while welding, so we had to wait for the block to cool, there by, reopening the crack so we could reweld it!
The only time we heated the entire block was to pop out the old sleeves, and put in the new ones, which where sitting in dry ice waiting to go in!
Your very last sentance, in your last post, proves we are both talking the same thing! Throw the pistol in the freezer, then pull it out and use a heatgun to heat the breach while unscrewwing the barrels!
I love your thing about the dog as a gift, its so true!

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