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"just make sure one end is clamped in a much thicker peice of steel to make it like the pistol!"

Clamped in?

What are you talking about?

That should have absolutely no bearing on what we're talking about, especially on the "pore" level.

"we know thin metal would freeze faster than thick metal"

EITHER heat or cold can be an effective method of breaking adhesions between separate pieces of metal.

Heating the pieces will squeeze them more tightly together, essentially crushing the adhesions. When the metal cools and shrinks, it opens up spaces that were formerly filled by the adhesion.

Super chilling the parts, wether through a freezer or through use of dry ice, makes them shrink and pulls the adhesions apart.

Sometimes using both is indicated (a shell casing stuck in a die is often best removed by chilling, then quickly heating the die so that it expands and pulling the shell case before it gets warm enough to expand.)
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