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What's stopping me? (38 super automatic)

I've been pondering this for a little while. I would love to have my current carry gun (a Colt New Agent .45) be chambered for .38 Super Auto, which they don't offer, especially with the bull barrel. Would it be possible if...

A New Agent 9MM was purchased...

The chamber cut to hold the .38 Super Auto (effectively making the inner barrel length an 1/8" shorter or so, as well as having the chamber cut to headspace off of the case mouth, NOT the rim like the old series),

The extractor changed out for the semi-rim,

.38 Super magazines...

What else? Is there something that I'm missing that would completely cold-clock this project?

I would love it in .38 super, just for nostalgia value, and the +P rounds would make it a nice 9MM Magnum, of sorts. What do you all think?
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