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What's your experience's with porting, the Internet?
Actually I've shot ported guns and also shot next to people at the range who had ported guns. While the recoil reduction was there, I did not really think it was worth the drawbacks on a defensive gun though I could see it being useful on a hunting gun in a large caliber. Since we're on the topic, do you have any experience with porting beyond snarky internet posts?

Also, have you ever heard of no flash powder?
Actually, no I've not heard of no flash powder though I have certainly heard of flash suppressed powder. I've yet to hear of any powder or ammunition which is guaranteed to completely eliminate muzzle flash, though many claim to reduce it. The fact is that porting will redirect the muzzle flash, whether it's reduced from powder or not, directly up and into your line of sight.

Also, flash suppressed powders have nothing to do with the fact that porting will be blowing hot gas directly up when the gun is fired. This is unavoidable as it is the very mechanism that porting works on. If there were no gas being redirected, then porting would afford no reduction in recoil. Because of this, if you have to fire the gun from retention, the very same gas that's being redirected to reduce recoil may very well be redirected right into your face.
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