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I checked out their website and they have a shocking lack of information. No specs, no db claims, nothing really substantial. Sometimes you can get away with that, Tom Denall has no website whatsoever and there's a year waiting line for his cans just from word of mouth advertizing. However if you go that route your product had DARN WELL better be top notch with no serious competition.

The only information I can find abut this manufacturer is from their website, which means I can't find anything since there is no info about their cans there. Did they give you any specs at all?

From the photos I could find I can't see anything special about their cans. Unless you can get some details and specs about them I'd go with one of the major manufacturers.

No offense to them, but they really need to spend some time getting their website in order to promote and differentiate their product. They could have the quietest cans on the market and nobody will know because they have done squat for advertizing. They need to get a decent digital camera, a YouTube account, and do some product promotion. If they are reading this and need an example, go look at what Silencerco did and do that. You can ditch the fancy graphics if you don't have the budget, (I think they're tacky anyway.) Windows Movie Maker can get you a long ways if you use it wisely and don't get overambitious with it.

The more competition the better as far as I am concerned. The one centerfire can they have looks like it might be a take-apart, which I like.
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