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FrankEaton: 2] Everywhere is not Texas. Everyone is not in Texas. And even people who normally live in Texas might find themselves elsewhere with a need to defend themselves. Understand the law of wherever you might be at the time. Understand the lowest common denominator that applies everywhere -- the use of lethal force is justifiable when a reasonable and prudent person in like circumstances would conclude it's necessary to prevent otherwise unavoidable, immediate death or grave bodily injury to an innocent.
Very true, everywhere is not Texas. I travel to Oklahoma & Lousiana, on rare occasion Arkansas. Although the laws of those states are similar I am particularly careful in traveling to Lousiana, as there I travel to federal property. So there I just don't take a handgun. Had some other veterans
get angry with me because I stated that I never stop, not even to buy a coke in Lousiana. I buy my all my gas in Texas before I leave, all the food I will need before leaving Texas which increases the chance that I will not be a victim by not getting out of my vehicle, till; I arrive at my destination.

Hope to never see Texas & the USA separate, because I am not sure I would leave Texas. I do try to read up on the laws in Arkansas & Oklahoma on the very rare occasion I travel there just across the Texas line. I am always
relieved when I come back across the Texas state line.
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