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You don't see Alaska residents creating threads on TFL to bicker about the draw hunts in the various states of the Lower 48...
Yeah, because one all 3 dozen of you get together and decide who is hunting what, there isn't any confusion.

I am curious if there are any exceptions for non-resident folks who own huntable land in Alaska? It would make things worse if a person owned a piece of land there, but had to hire a guide in order to use it.
You only have to use a guide for certain animals, not all of them. Black bear, the focus of the Nugent fiasco, was not one requiring a guide. If you are not a US citizen, there are additional taxa to go with the brown bear and Dall sheep. Beyond that, then yes you would if you are hunting animals that require that you either be a resident, hunt with a local, hunt with a guide. Just because you own the land does not mean you can shoot whatever you want just like it does not mean this in the lower 48. I have already posted links to the regs previously in the thread.
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