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OK, I am a believer and all the soldiers and Marines, including WWII vets, I heard call it an M1 were figments of my imagination.

Yes, in the early days of the Garand-Springfield dispute and later in Garand-Johnson controversy, the rifle was commonly called a "Garand" in the popular press as well as in the few gun and hunting magazines that wrote about it. Some people did continue to call it that, but the official manuals, the instructors and the common troops called it what they had been trained to call it, the M1 rifle. The troops called it the M1 to the end of its service life when it was replaced by the M14 ("Son of Garand", maybe) and the "Stoner", aka the M16.

When the CMP began selling those rifles, they had a manual prepared that called it the M1 Garand. I don't know if that resurrected the name, or if it is just a common trend of the Mall Ninjas to name guns (I saw "Glockie" the other day), but the name Garand ("Garry" in one post) has come back in vogue and is used by many of those who run around in cammies and pretend to be veterans of some war or another.

My opinion of the man himself is that he was a genius and that his rifle was what was needed to help the U.S. win over the Axis powers; I have nothing but the highest regard for him, though I only met him one time for a few minutes. So I do not mean to insult his memory by saying that his name was not commonly applied to the rifle he invented. But it wasn't.

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