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old roper says:
Bart B, You seem to forget the question I was asking in my post and x count which you send me think it was 13X open sights if I remember right. Here is copy of my question that I posted
If your looking at F-Class like the above rifle that I post and those rifles can shot inside 6" group @ 1000yds as you claim why isn't there a perfect X score shot at each match.
And here's my response to your question:
I was comparing my shoulder fired rifles slung up in the prone position and both their fore end and stock toe resting on bags. One so held will keep its point of aim well inside a 1 inch circle at 1000 yards.

I and others have been testing that way since the 1960's; long before F Class matches were originated. That's not how they're fired in conventional NRA high power prone matches as explained in an earlier post. But I have shot all of some test groups inside that 10-inch X ring testing ammo. Most I've had shooting matches was 13 out of 20 shots fired.
I didn't mention what type of sights I used. It happened to be a Weaver T20 scope. But I've done almost that with aperture sights. Neither are open sights. The prone record in high power (not F-Class) with scope's 19 Xes and with aperture it's 17 Xes.
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