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In 1967 the RR bridge at Healey was due to get planked so anyone could cross to get back into the coal area to hunt. The state rep that had that area as his assigned area fought and delayed the planking for most of the season. It does get to be a racket.
I'm against the "required guide" bit, but Healy was a little different situation.

I spent my first two years in Alaska in Healy (actually three miles north, in Lignite).

The road across the Nenana rifle at Healy, goes up to the Usabili Coal mine. Its a private road. The reason they restricted traffic on that road (except for local residents) had nothing to do with Fish and Game, but the coal mine.

I also think that Usabili owned the railroad bridge as the only place it went was to the coal mine. I worked for the railroad getting coal cars from the mine and taking them to Healy to be added to the trains.

As with most all haul trucks, they are designed so you have to drive on the wrong side of the road. Safety of the coal production was the reason for restricting travel on that road, again a private road. The land is government so they didn't keep you out, but the road was private and they could keep you out.

This is completely different the Fish and Game or the state preventing one from using the area.

Where I lived their was a shallow spot on the Nenana river. As things frooze up in the higher elevations the water level of the Nenana dropped and people could cross the river in swamp buggies and such (or by horse if you had one), there was nothing illegal about it.

I use to hunt the east side of the river, But I'd row across in a boat, I lost a lot of ground but just had to drag the boat back up river.

Things may have changed now since production of coal has increased, don't know, that was '72-74.
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