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It depends on where the coyote comes from.
I read one article where a guy trying to debunk the thought that location having an effect on the value of the fur and mixed in some southern coyote furs in with some northern furs at an auction. All furs were prepped the same by an experienced fur handler. ALL of the southern furs were sorted out. Some were purchased at a considerably lower price then the northern furs and most were not purchased at all.
A norther(Canada) coyote fur can bring as much as a few hundred bucks when handled properly and during the middle of winter when it is all furred up.
Here is a link to the March NAFA (North American Fur Auction) where one coyote fur went for $700.
You can also Google NAFA to see a list of prices.

The majority of furs here in the US would be in the $20 - $30 range up north and $7 to $12 in the south.
Of course that price is at the buyer, handled perfectly and not tanned.

If it is a nice tanned northern fur you saw at the garage sale for $75 I think that would be a decent price.


In Texas they are under state wide quarantine for rabies.
Hey rickyrick, that just applies to "LIVE" critters!

From the TPWD web site;
RABIES QUARANTINE - It is a Class C misdemeanor to transport or sell live foxes, coyotes and raccoons from, to, or within this state. For additional information, please contact the Zoonosis Control Division of the Texas Department of Health at (512) 458-7255.
Link to the page:

Locally we just had three confirmed rabies cases. A fox and two coons.
While the quarantine may not prohibit the sale of fur, I would think twice about it.
Risking rabies for $8? Not me!!
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